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Vivah rekha

What Are They and What Do They Mean for Your Future?

What are vivah rekha lines? These are the lines that form on the palm of your hand during the wedding ceremony between you and your spouse-to-be. While most people know about the rashi and nakshatra lines that often appear in palmistry, these vivah rekha lines are less commonly understood or even known about until it’s too late to do anything about them. However, these vivah rekha lines can actually reveal important information about your future together, so it’s vital to understand them before you tie the knot.

The Types of vivah rekha in hand (विवाह रेखा )

The vivah rekha , also known as marriage lines, of a person can help an astrologer determine their potential spouses. In addition to determining suitability, these marriage lines can reveal all sorts of additional information. For example, many times additional planets are indicated. By looking at where these planets are placed in a chart it’s possible to know whether or not two people will make good business partners or if they’ll be good parents together . Vivah rekha serve as guidance throughout life.

What is vivah rekha ?

Jeevan rekha is a concept that means the line of life. Each person has a jeevan rekha that runs from birth through to death. The most common form of jeevan rekha is one’s birth chart, but there are many ways you can draw your own personal jeevan rekha. In fact, you could create a jeevan rekha for each relationship you have in your life—or even for each decision you make. For example, if you’re thinking about moving to another country to advance your career, draw a jeevan rekha showing how far away that new job will take you from your family—and note whether or not it’ll bring more money into your bank account.

How to know from the marriage line that when will the marriage take place?

There are several lines in a palm that indicate marriage. While some indicate future relationships, others reveal information about past marriages or serve as auspicious lines to help bring greater luck into your current relationship. One such line, called a marriage line or vivah rekha (the literal meaning of which is line of marriage), runs across your palm at an angle near your thumb and will extend down towards your Jupiter mount. If you have one, consider yourself lucky! It may be telling you to actively seek out marriage partners instead of waiting around for them to come to you.

Is the creation of the marriage line told by astrology correct?

Astrology-based marriage lines are often created by identifying two separate horoscopes that have shared features. So if a man’s Vedic horoscope has a particular conjunction of planets and a woman’s does too, then it may be assumed that these people are likely to get married. If a lot of marriages were predicted correctly using such signs, you might have greater confidence in them. But there’s no evidence to suggest that astrology is capable of making accurate predictions about marriage based on these lines. In fact, studies (like one conducted by Professors Dean Jaipaul and Jerry Coffey) have suggested that these lines aren’t as accurate as they’re made out to be.

What will be the error in the marriage line in case of no marriage?

There are two major things that can go wrong with your marriage line. Firstly, you can be badly aspected or conjunct a malefic planet, like Saturn or Rahu. The other thing that can occur is that you may not have any aspect at all in your marriage line or any of your karmic phases. If you don’t get married, even after waiting for a long time (generally 15 years), then there is something seriously wrong with your marriage line. Consult an astrologer to figure out what it is and get some remedial measures done so that you don’t lose hope completely.

Is there a difference in the marriage line of a boy and a girl?

When it comes to marriage lines (which we’ll call vivah rekhas from here on out) on our palm, there’s a lot of variety. One person might have just one, which traces along their lifeline; another might have multiple marriage lines that criss-cross throughout their hand. There are also two kinds of vivah reka patterns: one is called bhagy vivah or good marriage, and another is called mastak vivah or a bad marriage. It all depends on how they’re formed in your palm. Let’s take a look at each one separately!

Can the marriage line be seen by hand or can it be seen from any other place?

The marriage line can be seen by hand but is best seen from a distance of a few feet or more. It’s not possible to see it on your own body by looking in a mirror, but one of your hands is going to show it. Try holding out your right hand with palm facing you at arm’s length, as if you were getting ready to shake someone’s hand. Look at your thumb and forefinger; that’s where you should look for it. It will be darker than any other spot on your skin (except perhaps your nails) and looks like two small black marks running perpendicular to each other along what looks like either a seam or ridge between those two fingers.