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The Different Types of Rudraksha and Their Benefits


Some might think that the term rudraksha refers to a certain type of seed, but this isn’t quite true. Rudraksha actually refers to the seeds that come from the species Elaeocarpus ganitrus. There are more than 50 different types of rudraksha, which are used for both religious purposes and health benefits. In order to know which one you should use, it’s important to first know what the different types of rudraksha have to offer you. This article will help you with just that!

What are the different types of Rudraksha?

One type is called ekmukhi, which refers to a rudraksha with one eye. The other kind is called domukhi, which refers to a rudraksha with two eyes. Both kinds are equal in their powers, but they have different effects on people. When one wears a single-eyed rudraksha, it provides clarity of mind. It helps boost concentration and heightens spirituality by enabling one to tap into inner strength, increasing self-confidence and providing guidance in difficult situations. In contrast, wearing two-eyed rudrakshas will help enhance communication skills as well as emotional intelligence; it also helps provide better interpersonal relationships for those who wear them regularly.

Why should you wear them?

Wearing rudraksha is believed to bring good luck, wealth, prosperity, and happiness. There are two types: 1) Ekmukhi (good for material success), 2) Domukhi (for spiritual success). Both are popular in various regions around India, but they look different from each other. For example, ekmukhi has a pointed base; domukyi has a flat base. However, both come in three sizes — big/bigger/biggest — which determines what their final cost will be. A smaller stone is cheaper than a bigger one.

How do they help you in your daily life?

Rudraksha is used as an aid in daily life, with such a range of beneficial properties that they can be used by practically anyone. From people suffering from any kind of ailment to those who are healthy but need extra help in certain areas, these beads can benefit just about anyone. Here’s how they work: In a way similar to acupuncture needles, Rudrakshas are worn close to your skin on either a chain or bead bracelet; any effect will then be carried through by way of nerve stimulation. The benefits don’t stop there though; Rudrakshas have been found to improve mood and lower stress levels, which makes them extremely useful for dealing with any issues associated with anxiety or depression.

How to choose a good quality Rudraksha mala?

When it comes to selecting a Rudraksha Mala, you want to look for one that is made from Domukhi. Domukhi are large in size, typically black or gray with deep indentations on its surface. They are believed to help improve your concentration, relieve stress and encourage spirituality. This is why you’ll see them used as prayer beads by priests in many Hindu temples around India today. If you’re not able to find a domuki rudraksha mala, consider buying one made out of a larger sized rudraksha bead. While these may not have as many benefits as domuki beads do, they will still provide some benefit compared to smaller rudrakshas.

Where can you buy genuine/good quality rudrakshas from?

There are a lot of fake rudrakshas out there, so it’s hard to know which stores actually sell genuine rudrakshas. That said, it is not that difficult to find an authentic store. Try looking for a reputable trader or retailer in your city who deals with top quality rudrakshas. The internet is also a great place to buy these as you can browse through different websites and order products directly.

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