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Jaldi vivah ke upay

jaldi vivah ke 7 upay

1-Old open lock, get down from head to toe seven times, and keep it at the crossroads on Friday night. While coming back home, do not look back and the marriage will happen soon.

2- If the girl is not getting married, then the money of the omen must be handed over to the boy or girl, then give that money to the omen.

3- The person or caste who wants to get married should wear yellow clothes till the time the marriage is not fixed. A yellow silk handkerchief should also be kept nearby at all times. With this experiment, the possibilities of marriage start forming soon.

4- By wearing “Siddha Mahagauri Yantra” around the neck, marriage is definitely completed within three months.

5- On Thursday, go to Vishnu-Lakshmi ji temple and offer Kalangi (which is located above the Sehra) to Vishnu ji, along with five gram flour laddus, the marriage will be completed soon.

On Monday, go to the pagoda and offer raw lassi (mixed with milk to water) while saying ‘Om Someshvaraya Namah’ on the Shivling. Do this experiment with Monday.

7- Offer items of adornment, red sari, blouse clothes, petticoat clothes, going to Shiva temple (on Monday) at the feet of Goddess Parvati and praying to her for early marriage, it will definitely be beneficial.

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