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Taurus Horoscope 2021

According to the Taurus Horoscope 2021, in this whole year Saturn will remain in your ninth house. Along with this, Rahu-Ketu will be present in your first and seventh house respectively. At the same time, in the beginning, the red planet Mars will also be in your twelfth house, which will affect your third and fourth house while doing your transit in the middle of 2nd June to 6th September. From the first week of April to mid-September, due to the transit of Jupiter, Jupiter, you will have a vision of Guru on your fourth house. Along with this, between 4th May to 28th May, Venus will be transiting in your own zodiac, which will affect your first house. Along with this, the Sun and Mercury will also activate the different expressions of your zodiac sign this year while doing your transit process, due to which you will get luck in your career.

You will have promotion and progress. Merchants’ people will also get good fruits according to their hard work. However, the results will be a little less in life, because this year you may have some financial constraints. However, from time to time, there will be different sums determined for you, by taking advantage of which you can overcome your financial constraints. The position of the planets indicates that the time for the students will be a little hard working.

At the beginning of the year, it will take a lot of hard work to get good results in education, but gradually changes will be seen in the conditions which will give students the opportunity to go abroad to study and study. There will be a decrease in family happiness but there will be a happy event event event in family appearing atmosphere happy According to the yearly horoscope, 2021, there may be some problems with your partner in this year’s marriage life, which will increase your mental stress.

If you love someone then this is a good time for you. At this time, you will get a chance to perform better in your work area by having a lot of support from your lover. In terms of health, the timing is a bit worrying because the presence of Rahu-Ketu can harm you health.