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Leo Horoscope 2021

According to the Leo Horoscope 2021, this whole year shadow planet Rahu Ketu will affect your tenth and fourth house respectively. Along with this, Shani Dev will also be sitting in your sixth house throughout the year. In the beginning, when you are in your 6th house with Saturn, Dev, Guru, Jupiter, you will create a unique combination. During this, Mars, passing through your ninth house, will give you luck and will then enter your eleventh and twelfth houses between April and July.

During this time you will need to stay away from enemies in your career. However, you will dominate them, which will lead to success in completing all tasks on time. Expenses will increase in your financial life, the effect of which will be visible on your economic life. Horoscope 2021indicatesthatstudentshave tow or kharder than before to get success in examinations. Students who have a desire to go abroad will have a chance of getting success this year only after putting in a lot of effort.

Family life will be not favorable, due to which there will be increase in stress in your family. Married people will find their life partner together and they will be successful in doing better in their professional life. The couple can produce produce weak health problem for theirs. Lovers people can face disappointment of beloved.

If you are still single, then you may have met someone special. You will have to be careful this year towards your health, otherwise it may give you any disease related to your kidney.