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Effect of direction(दिशा विशेष का प्रभाव)

effect of directions

The four directions and the four directions have their own effect. They have different special functions. Keeping this fact in mind, at the time of construction of any type of Vastu, one should take advantage of the effects of a particular direction. We will go to this effect further in this post, so you should read it carefully.

East direction is going to increase the family. The eastern part must be kept open in every type of architectural design. Due to this, the family owner gets longevity and sons and grandsons.

west :-
West direction is also very auspicious. It is considered to give fame, fame, success and prosperity.

There is only place in the north direction. It is said to give happiness and wealth and wealth. The maternal side is benefited by the influence of the north direction.

South direction is of general influence. In many texts its ill-effects are described in many texts.

Ishaan is a holy and fault-free angle. Therefore, only clean and sattvik activities should be conducted here. The growth of offspring is also possible due to the influence of this angle.
Agneya is a vidisha with mixed influences. When this angle is hot, it gives health to the householder, while being faulty makes him arrogant and angry.
Righteousness is the shelter of demonic forces. Therefore, pictures of “ancestors” should be placed in this angle so that the ancestors are happy.
This angle owned by Vayu is considered to be the originator of friendship or enmity. Due to the defect of this angle, the number of enemies increases and due to being free from defects, the number of friends increases.

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