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effect of directions

Effect of direction(दिशा विशेष का प्रभाव)

The four directions and the four directions have their own effect. They have different special functions. Keeping this fact in mind, at the time of construction of any type of Vastu, one should take advantage of the effects of a particular direction. We will go to this effect further in this post, so you should read it carefully. East:-East direction… Read More »Effect of direction(दिशा विशेष का प्रभाव)

vastu tips

How to select land according to vastu shastra

When we choose land for house, shop, office, factory etc., then we get many types of land. Which are from this type. In common parlance, ‘Veethi’ means ‘obstacle’ or ‘obstacle’. The meaning of ‘Veethi’ in Vastu Shastra, though similar to a hindrance or obstruction, is slightly different. In various texts of Vastu Shastra, the meaning of ‘Veethi’ has been taken… Read More »How to select land according to vastu shastra

Temple direction in home

Temple:- ईशान एक विदिशा है अर्थात दो दिशाओं ( उत्तर- पूर्व ) से निर्मित कोण है । यह चरों कोनों में सर्वाधिक पवित्र है; अतेव इसे आराधना, साधना, विद्यार्जन, लेखन एवं साहित्यिक गतिविधियों हेतु शुभ माना गया है । यह कोण मनुष्य को बुद्धि, ज्ञान, विवेक, धैर्य तथा साहस प्रदान करके सभी कष्टों से मुक्ति दिलाता है । इतने पूजनीय कोण… Read More »Temple direction in home